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I have to say that this is Cartoonnetworks best show. But not the best thing in star wars. There biggest mistake is that they have no problem killing off jedi or clone troopers. Like for example i’m sure if you’re a big fan of star wars  (like me) you saw what happend to clone trooper Echo. I the last episode of the star wars clonewars.(not the verey end, just the last one we saw) This 3rd season has been more about politics than the clonewars. This is the clone wars people, for way more than half the 3rd season thare hasn’t been any clones. I love clones! you can’t call your self the clonewars with out showing clones for more than half a season. But now you take the first 2 seasons, they were really good.(much better than the 3rd season) But sence i’m a big fan of starwars i’m going to keep watching.and i may, in the future make a commentaryof single or more than one part episode.


Posted March 30, 2011 by agentsarr in some of my favorite t.v. shows,

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  1. if any of you were wondering what 5 and up and 10 and up were it’s the ages that i would recommend.

  2. check this blog out it’s really really funny.

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