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I love this movie, it kind of gave a modern twist to the (I believe it was 1980’s) show, the A-Team. Now I love the show and this movie is very good twist on it. And I hope they make more. because this movie is great. Lots of comedy a little bit of romance lots of action. This is a all time family movie. And I highly recommend it . It’s a great movie. Liam Neeson did a wonderful job as hannibal and so do all the rest. (Just Liam Neeson is the only one that i’d ever seen before or I believe he’s the only one I’ve seen.) I saw this when it came out on red box, and it’s a wonderful movie. (Yes i’m also making the show’s post now to. because I don’t have that much on it.) Now the show is much better than the movie even if I like the movie I still like the show more. In the show Murdock is more crazy and more mad than he is in the movie. The show has lots of comedy, some romance, lots of action. This show is one of my all time favorite shows ever and I highly recommend it. If you want to see the A-team show here you go. Go to the A-Team


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