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Transformers: Dark of ohe Moon.
wow that was amazing man Michael bay did a much better job in this one.
it was much better than the others (and i didn’t really like the others).
it was surprising and fun filled although i wouldn’t recommend it to younger children like say ages 8, and younger and if you don’t want to much cussing in a movie don’t watch thins one.
this movie was action packed, comedy loving, good plot, and all around good. go out get you some candy go get some tickets and watch this movie. i thought that the new actress was the same character but i found out that it wasn’t so that even made it better. i really loved this movie. from 1 out of 5 id give it a 4 because of miner problems as in a little hard to follow some of it.
i loved this movie and i hope you do to.
read me next time. 🙂
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Posted July 16, 2011 by agentsarr in movie

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