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The Boar Wars by KTV.   Leave a comment

heres the youtube channel link


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Pirates Of The Caribbean: On a Strangers Tide:   Leave a comment

WOW, that’s a good movie. Man Johny Depp did a wonderful job in continuing the surprisingly 4 part movie saga. This is a very VERY good movie I loved this movie the plot was great, the cast was really good, and the script was great to although there were some scenes that I’d advise if your children have nightmares from movies I’d have to say that you might want to make them shut there eyes.
On a scale from 1 to 5 I’d have to go with 6. Yep I really enjoyed this is I loved it it’s probably my favorite so far I hope that Johny Depp decides to go ahead and play in he next one. This movie is action packed a bit of romance and lots of comedy the part if the romance is surprising and funny you need to watch this movie in theaters this is a great movie I loved it and I hope you do to. Thanks for reading this please rate comment and subscribe. See ya later.

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Here’s my top 10 favorite movies. These are not in order. Because I don’t have an order. And I count all 6 Star Wars movies as 1 because there is only one story going on. and the same with Lord Of The Rings.

Get Smart

Star Wars 1-6

Lord Of The Rings


The Mummy 3

Pink Panther 2 (yes the movie not the show.)

Finding Nemo

Pirates Of The Caribbean 3

Indiana Jones: Raiders For The Lost Ark

Star Trek (The 2009 movie)

Remember there’s not a order. these are my top 10 favorite movie.
I love these and I hope you do to.