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Winnie the Poo.   Leave a comment

Winnie the Poo.

Well now, this was pretty good, I was worried it was gonna be mainly based for small kids under seven; but it wasn’t.
This was a really funny movie. The part when everyone was stuck in the hole was really, really funny.
This is a good movie from ages 1 to 101. Like I said, “I really like this movie”. T
he down side was that it was only fifty-five minutes long.
The voice for Poo was perfect, the voice for Eeyore was perfectly good and boring (If you know what I mean), the voice for Rabbit could have been a little squeakier but was good in the accent, and all the rest of the voices were good except Piglet’s I think it could have been a bit higher. this movie reminds me of the book, which I have read, and the thing about it is that it was only about one or two chapters mixed together, so, I hope there will be more on the way.
From 1 to 5 I’d give it a 4.
This is a really funny family movie and I encourage all ages to watch it.

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The Eagle.   Leave a comment

The Eagle.

Well I gotta say, What were they thinking! Did they even read the book? This movie was changed about 50% from the book. I’ve read the book and when I heard they were making a movie I was overjoyed, when I saw it I was over disappointed in it. the movie was so bad.
In the book there was a girl in like 50 chapters, in the movie there was no girl, in the book Esca and Marcus were the best of friends, in the movie they even had a fist fight, in the book the chief’s son was Esca and Marcus’s friend, in the movie Marcus killed him, in the book they never had any kids being killed, in the movie they showed two kids get there throat cut, in the book it only showed one of the survivors of the ninth, in the movie it had about 25-35 survivors, in the book every tribe person new that Marcus was a Roman, in the movie Esca told everyone that Marcus was his slave, in the book Esca was set free before they went on there quest, in the movie he was set free after when they were about to get killed, in the book the way that they found the survivor was that he came up whistling a Roman battle song and Marcus new that he must be a Roman, in the movie (around the end there were more than one) the what they found him was that he attacked them and they captured him.
I really didn’t like this movie. but that is because I read the book, if I hadn’t read the book I’d probably have liked it. Also I think that the actors for Esca and Marcus should have been switched to where the person that played Marcus played Esca and viceversa.
Also I wouldn’t recommend this movie to kids under 13, because there is a constent use of cussing lots of violence and two time you see people get there heads cut off, and there are to throat cutting. But if you let your kids whatch these things then I’m sure you and they’ll enjoy it (as long as you haven’t read the book).
All in all in 1 out 5 I’d give it a 2.

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Captain America: The first Avenger   Leave a comment

Captain America: The first Avenger

Ok so to begin this review, I have to say that I really liked this movie. Now I know, I know I say that about every movie I write about; but then I never go and see (and rent) any bad movies.
 So this is a bit of a classic super hero movie. Innocent guy becomes big super hero, you get the picture.
 This is the classic super hero movie mixed with the classic world war 2 movie.
 This is an action packed movie, with a hint of romance.
I loved this movie, and I think it could have been one of my favorite movies of the summer.

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Cowboys and Aliens.   Leave a comment

Cowboys and Aliens.

That was a pretty good movie with lots of action and a little comedy.

I really enjoyed it.

“The classic Western movie gets mashed with the alien invasion flick to create Cowboys & Aliens, a new twist on two popular movie genres”.

The graphics were good, the plot was good, and the cast was good, with Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, and other great actors.

This movie is rated PG-13, and rightly so although I’d say that I’d let 10 years of age and up see this movie.

This movie is the story of a man that has no idea who he is. It takes him on a journey and he discovers who he is and how he came to forget and with a little swig of aliens makes a great movie.

This movie is a action thriller and to see what the movie is completely about watch it.

i really loved this movie and i hope you watch it and like it to.

on a scale from 1 to 5 I’d give it a 3. because of a large amount of cussing and of a few miner details that were over looked and i think could have made the movie better.

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another great website: JP’s Custom Clones!   Leave a comment

this is a site for lego lovers and starwars lovers and heres the link: copy this and then put it in the search bar. sorry that it dosent have an actual link but for some reason it wouldnt work.

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Transformers: Dark of ohe Moon.   Leave a comment

Transformers: Dark of ohe Moon.
wow that was amazing man Michael bay did a much better job in this one.
it was much better than the others (and i didn’t really like the others).
it was surprising and fun filled although i wouldn’t recommend it to younger children like say ages 8, and younger and if you don’t want to much cussing in a movie don’t watch thins one.
this movie was action packed, comedy loving, good plot, and all around good. go out get you some candy go get some tickets and watch this movie. i thought that the new actress was the same character but i found out that it wasn’t so that even made it better. i really loved this movie. from 1 out of 5 id give it a 4 because of miner problems as in a little hard to follow some of it.
i loved this movie and i hope you do to.
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The Boar Wars by KTV.   Leave a comment

heres the youtube channel link

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