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Winnie the Poo.

Well now, this was pretty good, I was worried it was gonna be mainly based for small kids under seven; but it wasn’t.
This was a really funny movie. The part when everyone was stuck in the hole was really, really funny.
This is a good movie from ages 1 to 101. Like I said, “I really like this movie”. T
he down side was that it was only fifty-five minutes long.
The voice for Poo was perfect, the voice for Eeyore was perfectly good and boring (If you know what I mean), the voice for Rabbit could have been a little squeakier but was good in the accent, and all the rest of the voices were good except Piglet’s I think it could have been a bit higher. this movie reminds me of the book, which I have read, and the thing about it is that it was only about one or two chapters mixed together, so, I hope there will be more on the way.
From 1 to 5 I’d give it a 4.
This is a really funny family movie and I encourage all ages to watch it.

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Captain America: The first Avenger

Ok so to begin this review, I have to say that I really liked this movie. Now I know, I know I say that about every movie I write about; but then I never go and see (and rent) any bad movies.
 So this is a bit of a classic super hero movie. Innocent guy becomes big super hero, you get the picture.
 This is the classic super hero movie mixed with the classic world war 2 movie.
 This is an action packed movie, with a hint of romance.
I loved this movie, and I think it could have been one of my favorite movies of the summer.

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The Green Lantern.   Leave a comment

Ok well the critics hate this movie let’s put aside what they say and let’s let them rot in a pit because this movie was one of the top movies that I’ve seen this year.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting it to be that good( because of what the critics said).
Now the critics said that there was to much talking and not enough action, but you really need the talking to understand the plot, and action isn’t all there is to a movie, there’s also the plot, the characters, and to understand those things you must have talking.
This was a great movie I liked it as much as I liked Super 8 (and I really liked Super 8).
Out of 1 and 5 I’d give it a 5 because there wasn’t really any mess ups only miner ones.
This movie had a great plot, great action, great characters, and most of the acting was good.
Oh and make shure that you stay till the end(after the credits) because there’s an ending scene.
I loved this movie and I hope you do to.
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Super 8   Leave a comment

Super 8
Oh gosh that was so good and lots of thing were surprising.
 I loved it and the graphics were GREAT.
This movie wasn’t a horror movie OK sorry for you younger readers but it was the next thing from a horror film scary, very sad at the beginning (and they relate to that through out the whole film), and the cussing,they said quite a few cuss words so for you parents watch this movie before they(your kids)see it so you would know if you would allow them to see it. I’d recommend it for ages 9 and up.
 It was so funny, yeah I know scary how could this be funny well see it for your self.
 it was hilarious and I loved the pyro maniac,( he was really funny) the plot was great the actors were good the graphics were amazing. 
On a scale from 1 to 5 I’d give it a 5, no question about it.
 I loved this movie and I hope you do to. 
watch it and see what I’m talking about ( this movie being great that is).
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Baby’s day out.   Leave a comment

Baby’s day out

Wow I was so close to crying from laughter in this movie. It was so funny. 
With great actors. A good script and a wonderful plot. This was a cute movie. completely for families (except for a couple of cuss words).  
 Man I laughed my head off (really does anyone know anybody that knows how to put heads back on lol 🙂 ) in the scene that the baby caught the leader bad guy’s pants on fire. 
This is a very great movie. I loved it I hope you do to
 On a scale of 1 to 5 I’d give it a 4. The reason I only give it a 4 is because for the cussing in a family movie.
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The Best Player   Leave a comment

The Best Player

 Wow very nice movie. I was a bit surprised about it. it was an entrusting movie Jeanette MCardy did a great job.( I wish she had Carly’s [Miranda Cosgrove] part in Icarly).
 I liked this movie a lot.
 I would love to have this game it looks so much fun.(although it probably doesn’t exist)
 This was a very good movie. 
The plot was good the casting was good and well the script was good to.
 On a scale from 1 to 5 I’d give it a 4.
 I’m sorry that I don’t have very much to say about this movie.
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Lemonade Mouth   Leave a comment

Lemonade Mouth.             

 Well I liked the aspect that it was them drinking lemonade.
 some of the acting wasn’t the best. Yet I like it(the movie).
 I enjoyed that they preformed in a pizza joint and that the guys that worked there all got up and danced and didn’t do there job, I thought that was a pretty funny.
 In the scene that they were real sad I think they over did it a bit In some ways. And I hated that the one so called tough girl was a vegetarian. I thought that the movie was a bit cheesy but the songs make up for that. 
This movie was better than any of the high school musicals and camp rock 2 but about as good as the first camp rock.
 On a scale of 1 to 5  I’d give it a 3. 
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